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Below is a list of volunteer opportunities to help the American Academy of Physical Therapy expand it's reach and achieve it's mission.

Interested in being of service?

Email Kristin Rice at

  • Volunteer Opportunity: AAPT Secretary

    • What - Provides administrative support, including managing communications, organizing documents, coordinating schedules, and assisting with meetings to ensure efficient operation of the organization.

    • To Dos

      • Email management

      • Password administration

      • Documentation organization 

      • Meeting note preparation

    • Time commitment - 30 minutes to 1 hour per month; 2 hours for the one meeting per year

    • Importance - The secretary position is crucial for ensuring efficient administrative operations, effective communication, and organized documentation within the organization. 

  • Volunteer Opportunity: PT Moves Me with APTA

    • What - In-person school visits that speak about physical therapy

    • To Dos

      • Use prepared format/slides for you to follow 

      • Report your work to AAPT - There is paperwork to fill out quarterly to report what you are doing

    • Time commitment - 30 minutes speaking at the school (unless you choose to take longer and be more available, you give the time limit)

    • Importance - increases black physical therapists and AAPT visibility 

  • Volunteer Opportunity: Leveling Up Initiative

    • What - Monthly FREE virtual lessons with healthcare professionals sharing their knowledge on their professions; Virtual platform for students to learn about healthcare careers

    • Time commitment - Every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm EST, 1-1.5 hours

    • Importance - trying to increase minority representation in healthcare (part of AAPT mission), making an AAPT media library of black medical professionals telling their story of how they made it

  • Volunteer Opportunity: CSM Booth

    • What - Booth at APTA CSM to promote AAPT

    • Location - CSM in Boston, MA

    • Time Commitment - TBD, any time you can volunteer at the booth

    • Importance - driving in membership and awareness for AAPT

  • Volunteer Opportunity: Webinars

    • What - virtual education

    • To Dos

      • Teach webinar

    • Time commitment - 1.5-2 hours to present, content/slide preparation, and CEU submission paperwork

    • Importance - brings further value to the organization, educates on PT practice/business/DEI, and provides CEUs, becomes a lesson on the AAPT website

  • Volunteer Opportunity: Monthly Announcement

    • What - Monthly email that announces news about the organization and members 

    • To Dos

      • Email news to be shared

    • Time commitment

      • The time it takes for you to put together and send exactly what you want to have shared

    • Importance - Showcases the success of AAPT members

  • Volunteer Opportunity: Future Healthcare of America

    • Looking for speakers for their conferences (you can do this virtually) -physical therapists come out to judge healthcare competitions

    • To Dos

      • Each state is different with what they need

    • Time commitment - TBD the time commitment (may be judging transfers or documentation)

    • Importance - helping medical students improve in what they do and increases visibility of black physical therapists

  • Volunteer Opportunity: AAPT Annual Conference

    • To Dos

      • Emails, Flyer/Brochure creation, Social Media Posts, Speaker Contracts/Gifts/Information, Finding Speakers, Hotel Set-Up, and much more.

    • Time Commitment - TBD

    • Importance - The workload right now is currently on 2 people (mostly one - Kristin Smith) to put on the conference every year. Any hand you can give to quickly take things off the long checklist of to dos. 


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