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The American Academy of Physical Therapy (AAPT) was formally established in 1989, on September 16, in Chicago, Illinois. On that day, 63 strong and determined African-American Physical Therapists assembled and were supported by 21 who could not attend, for the purpose of addressing the many unmet professional concerns of the African-American Physical Therapy Community.

J. Diane Adams
Vernand Alsberry, Jr
Leon Anderson, Jr
Leon Anderson, III
Patricia Anderson
Robert Babbs, Jr
Lee Baker
Dr. Raymond Blakely
Janice Bowie
Gloria Britt
Alton Burn
Cheryl Burnside
Dr. Theodore Child 
Felicita Claire
Billy Clemons
Dr. Russell Davis
Sherri Davis
Dana Dickerson
Dr. Joseph Dorsey
Dr. Mary Edmonds
Letitia Elebute
Patricia Evans
Dr. Vilma Evans
Wanda Evans
Dr. Gene Gary-Williams
Cheryl Givens
Michael Gomez
Cheryl Gray
Phyllis Gray
Cecile Griffin
James Griffin
Jessie Gross
Linda Hay
Naomi Hunt
Sunkita Jackson
Stephanie Jenkins
Mattie Kimbro
Phyllis Kitchens
Tammy LaPread
Norma Lathan

Viola Lewis
Joseph Malloy
Joanne McDonald
​Cheryl McFadden ​​
Robert McNeil
Johnette Meadows
Ernie Montgomery
Iris Lynn-Morris
Elsie McLemore
Brenda Nance
Gwendolyn Neal
Claudette Perry
Charlene Portee
Yolanda Rainey
Samira Rawlings
C. David Richardson
Ramona Ridley
Jan Scaife
Arthur Smith
Melanie Smith
Paula Smith
Prince Smith
Linda Spears
Valerie Spencer
Brenda Stoner
Kay Strong
Donna Swindall
Elinor Tootle
Denise Triplett
Patricia Wade
Cecelia Walker 
Veatrice Williams
Sheron Wiltshire
Dr. Lynda Woodruff
Thomas Wood
Carolyn Williams
Williams Woods
Sherilyn Woodson
Penny Wright
Brenda Wynn
Joseph Yearwood

Conference Room




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