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Veronica Canada SPT, LAT, ATC is an outgoing and energetic woman born and raised

in Spring Valley, New York. She obtained her Bachelor's in Athletic Training with

double minors in Kinesiology and Early Childhood Education from George Mason

University and is currently in her final year as a physical therapy student attending the

Dominican University Of New York located in Orangeburg, New York, less than 30

minutes outside of Manhattan, New York City.

Her passion for physical therapy developed while being an educator within her local

public school system. After graduating from George Mason, she loved educating the

youth in her community and assured that she was always an available resource to help

them reach their full potential in the academic setting. In combination with her

fascination with the human body, she then realized she could be an educator outside of

the classroom and make an impact in her community through the education of


Stemming from her 15+ year-long career in swimming and diving, and also participating

in softball, gymnastics, dance, and soccer, making her well experienced with the

physical and mental demands of being an athlete and versatile in the sports world, she

continues to share and educate her experience and knowledge to the athletic

community while tending to athletic injuries as she continues to practice as a licensed

athletic trainer in New York and New Jersey.

With her given background in athletic training, one of Veronica’s strongest skills is her

ability to empathize with pain. Her main priority while continuing to provide care is to

help people achieve their goals and be an embodiment of hope. She truly enjoys

helping people overcome their boundaries and encouraging them to be better versions

of themselves.

Veronica is currently a member of the National Athletic Trainer’s Association and the

American Physical Therapy Association. Since the start of her physical therapy career,

she has indulged in many opportunities such as Dance Physical Therapy Program 7.0

to expand her knowledge and growth in the field of physical therapy. While doing so,

she is a diving coach for children ages 5 – 19, the youngest of 3 sisters, a sister of

Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated, a godmother, and a dog lover.


Veronica Canada

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